We consist of a body, a mind and a spirit.  So to “Get Well and actually Stay Well”, it is logical that we must get well and stay well in all three.  Click here to read more


God’s Healing Word is an extensive book on God’s health directives in the Bible. Written by Rev. Dr. Felicity Corbin Wheeler; having been healed of terminal pancreatic cancer.  Now available as an eBook.


phoneconsultationIf you have specific questions on how to Get Well and Stay Well, you can book a consultation call with Felicity.


DVDFelicity’s Life Saving Colonics Cleansing Kit

Doctors say ALL disease starts from toxicity in the colon.  Washing out the colon with warm water (and coffee in the case of cancer) is an essential therapy at all the top health institutes. Instead of paying a colonic therapist £70 a session, take control of your own health, and detox at home as and when you need to. Felicity helped save her life with this practice and still uses it daily.

The kit includes a downloadable instruction booklet, the colonic and enema washout bag, tubing, a bulb for implanting wheat grass or probiotics AFTER the washout, and also a separate vaginal douche to address feminine problems.”


Get Well Stay Well Course – Downloadable eBook

 This is a downloadable eBook containing  over 22,500 words and gives the GET WELL STAY WELL course in a nutshell for those who simply cannot get away to do the week’s course in Spain or Jersey.   For a fraction of the cost, follow the essentials of the course at home.

£25    BuyNow

Children’s Get Well Stay Well  – Downloadable eBook

Getting Well and Staying Well for Kids.  

Hello, my name is Alaric.   I am nine in November 2017 and here is my Get Well Stay Well Book for Kids.   It’s easy, it’s fun it has lots of photographs and hopefully, it will help my generation to be healthier than our parents.

£10   BuyNow

Lighten Up and Stay Light – Downloadable eBook

This is an E course for those who are concerned that they are carrying too much weight.
The course will educate them to return to and their perfect weight and also maintain it for a lifetime, naturally and without hunger or chemicals.

£25    BuyNow

God’s Healing Word – Downloadable – eBook

This is a downloadable eBook copy of  ”God’s Healing Word” book by Rev Dr. Felicity Corbin Wheeler.

£20    BuyNow

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News Flash

Quotes100For I know the plans I have for you – Jeremiah 29:11-14 quote

“For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me. When you seek me with all your heart, I will be found by you, declares the Lord, and will bring you back from captivity” Read More…

Felicity Corbin Wheeler

Felicity Corbin Wheeler


Former British Red Cross nurse and Houses of Parliament researcher Felicity, a Hallelujah Acres Christian Health Minister, and Hippocrates Health Educator, member of the International Medical Veritas Association and Campaign for Truth in Medicine, offers Get Well – Stay Well courses in Europe for people who seek health and abundant energy.  Read more…

news-america-1Hippocrates Health Institute

Felicity is a qualified Hippocrates Health Educator. Hippocrates is the state of the art institute where tens of thousands have got well and stayed well from heart disease, diabetes, stage four cancers and other catastrophic degenerative diseases www.hippocratesinstitute.org.  Read More…

oasis-1Oasis of Hope Hospital, Mexico

World authority on integrative cancer treatment with Immune boosting, Intravenous Laetrile Metabolic Therapy. Felicity flew to Mexico on New Year’s Day 2008 to have a successful five year check and meet the legendary Dr. Francisco Contreras and the other doctors at the world famous state of the art, 50 bed Christian Cancer Hospital, the Oasis of Hope Hospital. They have unprecedented successful cancer statistics here. Patients come from all over the world, and include doctors, nurses and pharmacists who have decided to opt for immune boosting intravenous laetrile, the non toxic, inexpensive essence of the apricot seed, which kills cancer cells, but does not harm healthy cells.   Read More…

Auckland Newspaper April 2007

“Cancer survivor and campaigner Felicity Corbin-Wheeler returned to the United Kingdom this week after speaking at the national rally in Auckland last month. This rally successfully lobbied against the proposed therapeutic products and medicines bill, dubbed the “anti-vitamins bill”. Mrs. Corbin-Wheeler flew from Europe to support a New Zealand friend suffering from pancreatic cancer. Having suffered from pancreatic cancer herself four years ago, she started intravenous injections of B17, also known as laetrile, found in seeds such as apricots and grapes. She made a complete recovery.  Read More…

FCW-reveVideothumbMiniRevelation of health!

Felicity makes regular health programs on Revelation TV on Sky 581, and viewable live on line at www.revelationtv.com.   Revelation has the highest viewing numbers of any Christian TV station, being shown on satellite and online at www.revelationtv.com   Read More…

Felicity’s Testimony Website

Felicty with Peter Willoughby

Felicty with Peter Willoughby

Introducing health hero Peter Willoughby, who features in the Revelation TV and Eternal Radio Get Well Stay Well programs with me. Peter has huge courage in not only walking again after a catastrophic accident that broke every bone in his body except his spine and right arm and tore his heart out place. He educates on the natural plant derived minerals which saved his life, and helped healed his bones again. They are the minerals that keep me well, too, despite the pancreatic cancer and fractured vertebrae. Great testimony. www.HeavensMinerals.com

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What people say about Get Well Stay Well Courses

I thank GOD for you and others like yourself who are working so hard that now some of us who could not even afford hospital fees can have hope to life healthy by eating simple foods.

Joan - Revelation TV Viewer

My husband and I loved the course. It was SO important we both learned the science or it would have been a huge battle at home as I tried to make the necessary healthy changes. We have changed to healthy living foods and are amazed at the speed with which our health is restored.


Incredible value! We could only have learned this information by visiting the world's top consultants and flying to Florida, North Carolina and Mexico to attend these five natural healing centres at huge cost.


The course is a life saver. We have adopted so many of the immune boosting teachings in diet, exercise and stress techniques. Truly inspirational.


Understanding leucocytosis! What a revelation! Digestion returned to normal, arthritis gone, more energy every day.


If only I had learned this years ago. I could have avoided so much pain and endless medical expenses. I am off all drugs at last and feeling twenty years younger.


Delicious changes to what we eat, drink and think! Thank you so, so much.


The children no longer have colds and ear aches since I stopped giving them cows milk. I had no idea how dairy causes so much mucous. Teenage acne cleared within one week. Brilliant! They all love the banana milk substitute.


Interview with Dr. Francisco Contreras – Mexico

Interview with Dr. Patrick Vickers – Mexico

Interview With Dr. Véronique Desaulniers

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