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The NEW Quantum Resonance Card

Felicity wholeheartedly endorses this quantum resonance card which has worked dramatically well for her. She has always contended that the epidemic of disease IS caused by modern pollution. Particularly the electro magnetic smog we all live in from WiFi, our computers, routers and mobile phones. The card was facilitated by an American Christian who designed it to help his own disabled daughter. Since he brought one to Spain for Felicity, she has seen huge improvements in her own health and thanks God for this innovation. Read More>>

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These easy to swallow capsules provide a special form of nitric oxide. This Nobel award product opens up air ways and arteries, so addressing and in many cases eliminating breathing problems, heart and circulatory problems as well as soothing inflammation. As Felicity always says in the TV and Radio Get Well Stay Well programs, inflammation is the basic cause of ALL disease in the body, especially the new so called “incurable” auto immune diseases such as Parkinsons, ME, MS, etc.. This is the product Felicity prayed for and God has provided. ….Read More>>

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Available options:

  • £35 for 1 Tub   – 60 capsules
  • £100 Buy two tubs, get third half price! – 180 Capsules

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Sleep QuBit

Peaceful sleep is a benediction. But in our stressed, polluted world, we sometimes need some help, especially when we are stressed, jet-lagged or sick. To avoid drugs, I use the Sleep QuBits. I peel and stick one on my temple at night. It works on the energy system of the body, calming the racing mind. (Felicity tip – as they ONLY work when on the body, I find they actually do two nights. Take your QuBit off when you wake, stick on the bathroom mirror and reapply the next bedtime. Try them! They work! …Read More

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Available options:

  • £19.99 per sheet of 12 Sleep QuBits
  • £69.99 for 4 sheets of 12 each (48 Qubits). So you are getting one sheet of 12 QuBits free!

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EMF protection QuBit

Peel and stick the silver Holographic EMF Qubit to your phone, computer, router, radio, and any other electromagnetic device for protection. They last approximately one year as long as the holograph remains undamaged.  …Read More

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Available options:

  • £14.99 – 1 Holographic EMF protectors
  • £44.99 – Buy 3 and get the 4th free.

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Techno Qubit

Peel and stick the gold coloured holograph to various meridian points on the body to boost energy, stamina and athletic performance. (These are strong stimulators, so remove one hour before sleep time.) … Read More

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Available options:

  • £19.99 for 12 on a sheet.
  • £53.99 for 36 (three sheets)

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Below is a list of all Felicity’s downloadable products.

Children’s Get Well Stay Well  – Downloadable eBook

Getting Well and Staying Well for Kids.  

Hello, my name is Alaric.   I am nine in November 2017 and here is my Get Well Stay Well Book for Kids.   It’s easy, it’s fun it has lots of photographs and hopefully, it will help my generation to be healthier than our parents.

£10   BuyNow

Spiritual Warfare – Downloadable eBook

spirituamattack150x150Get Well and Stay Well from Spiritual Attack.
Many believers today are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and other auto immune disease. This may well be spiritual warfare, known as a spirit of infirmity. We must remember to take the authority Christ Jesus has given us!.

£10   BuyNow

Lighten Up and Stay Light – Downloadable eBook

This is an E course for those who are concerned that they are carrying too much weight.
The course will educate them to return to and their perfect weight and also maintain it for a lifetime, naturally and without hunger or chemicals.

£25    BuyNow

The Lady Captain’s Log – Downloadable – eBook

A fast moving, funny, action packed novel set in the sunny Algarve, packed with the glamour, golf, intrigue, crime, an earthquake, tsunami and romance.  A light hearted read with a message.

£10   BuyNow

God’s Healing Word – Downloadable – eBook

This is a downloadable eBook copy of  ”God’s Healing Word” book by Rev Dr. Felicity Corbin Wheeler.

£20    BuyNow

Recipes for Life – Downloadable eBook

Delicious Raw Healthy Recipes to base the diet on. These alkalising recipes will help restore the correct pH and regenerate the immune system!

This is not a glamourous Recipe Book with glossy pictures, which I will do when I have time!   This is a booklet  people have urgently asked me for, of tried and trusted raw food ideas for those who are being radical on the raw vegan diet, with just a few added cooked vegetarian dishes as fillers for the winter.
£10   BuyNow

Wheatgrass the Complete Food – Downloadable eBook

Wheat and Barley Grass Juices are God’s Get Well – Stay Well perfect, healing food!   The grasses are juiced BEFORE they seed and therefore do not contain gluten….

£10    BuyNow

Breath of Life – Downloadable eBook

breathoflife150x150Get Well and Stay Well from breathing problems.
Asthma, allergies, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, lung disease of all kinds CAN be resolved with natural means!

£10    BuyNow

Get Well Stay Well Course – Downloadable eBook

 This is a downloadable eBook containing  over 22,500 words and gives the GET WELL STAY WELL course in a nutshell for those who simply cannot get away to do the week’s course in Spain or Jersey.   For a fraction of the cost, follow the essentials of the course at home.

£25    BuyNow

Felicity’s Happy Birth DAY Book!– Downloadable eBook

A Get Well Stay Well Guide HappyBirthdayBookletto pregnancy, surfing your waves to a Happy Birth DAY labour and healthy nutrition for babies

£10    BuyNow

Depression – How to Get Well and STAY Well! – Downloadable eBook


Doctors say that 95% of disease is caused by dis-EASE in the mind! So it is vital to restore harmony in mind and spirit to restore health to the body’s trillions of cells.

£10    BuyNow

Get Well Stay Well Blessing Meditation – Downloadable MP3 file

A 41 minute audio version of Get Well Stay Well Course, read by Felicity, in which she teaches the course in a nutshell, covering biblical body, mind and spiritual detox, based on the Word of God.

£10    BuyNow

End Time Survival List – Downloadable eBook

In these uncertain times, Felicity has compiled a very practical and useful guide to what to have set aside in your home – Americans call it a “preppers’ guide

£10    BuyNow


Below is a list of all non downloadable products and services.


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