Nitric Oxide is an absolute life saver.   It helps stop heart disease, cancer, diabetes and infections.   Dr. Louis Ignarro won a Nobel prize for his work on Nitric Oxide, and wrote a book called  “NO More Heart Disease – How Nitric Oxide can prevent heart disease and Stroke.”   It was a best seller.

Nitric Oxide works because it energises the red blood cells, the white blood cells, the lungs, and the brain.  It is an anti inflammatory and boosts the immune system.  It also works well for olfactory problems, as it enhances our sense of  smell, addresses asthma and breathing problems.   It certainly has done this for me.

We need Nitric Oxide to protect our heart and vascular system as it relaxes the smooth muscles in arteries and regulates blood pressure and clotting.    It is used in Viagra, as it helps with penile erection.  It makes the arteries smooth like Teflon instead of sticky Velcro.

Our hearts beat dependably and heroically 100,000 times a day.   2000 gallons of blood is pumped throughout the body in 24 hours .
Every 20 seconds someone has a heart attack or stroke, more women than men, many without any warning.

Nitric Oxide is very helpful when we are in a stressful situation, as it heals the smooth muscles walls of the endothelial cells in the arteries.  These cells have been damaged by sugar which scratched them. This creates plaque in the arteries.  Fats and fibrin further narrow the arteries. These scratches are then healed by cholesterol, which narrows the arteries.  Then we experience heart attack  stroke,  leading to  many physical complications, also Alzheimer’s at worst, brain fog at best.

But, God has provided a natural cure.    Nitric Oxide can open up these arteries within two weeks.  Nitric Oxide also pairs damaging free radicals.   It smoothes wrinkles, dilates airways, acts as a broncho dilator, opens the lungs, strengthens bones and builds the immune system.  It also clears brain fog, improves memory and learning.  It also strengthens white blood cells to prevent disease.   Nitric Oxide also strengthens the red blood cells which in turn oxygenate the whole body.

I am delighted to offer you what I consider to be the best in the world.

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