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Auckland Newspaper April 2007

“Cancer survivor and campaigner Felicity Corbin-Wheeler returned to the United Kingdom this week after speaking at the national rally in Auckland last month. This rally successfully lobbied against the proposed therapeutic products and medicines bill, dubbed the “anti-vitamins bill”.

Mrs. Corbin-Wheeler flew from Europe to support a New Zealand friend suffering from pancreatic cancer. Having suffered from pancreatic cancer herself four years ago, she started intravenous injections of B17, also known as laetrile, found in seeds such as apricots and grapes. She made a complete recovery.

Mrs. Corbin-Wheeler also spent a month talking to cancer sufferers in New Zealand and spreading the news about the natural B17 treatment and the detoxing Genesis 1:29 and 30 diet.

This consists of herbs, vegetables, fruit, seeds, and juiced green plants such as wheat and barley. These wheat and barley grasses are grown in the clean environment of the Southern Alps, freeze dried and marketed by Auckland firm Nature Source and are distributed world wide.

Her book “God’s Healing Word,” describing how laetrile and the Genesis diet work, is available from her website

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