I am very excited about a new product called Arginesis.   As always, I have done my own power trials on this form of niteic oxide and found it to be the best on the market.

Nitric oxide is an absolute life saver.   It helps stop heart disease, cancer, diabetes and infections.   Dr. Louis Ignarro won a Nobel prize for his work on nitric oxide, and wrote a book called  “NO More Heart Disease – How Nitric Oxide can prevent heart disease and Stroke.”   It was a best seller.

Nitric oxide works because it energises the red blood cells, the white blood cells, the lungs, and the brain.  It is an anti inflamatory and boosts the immune sysstem.  It also works well for olfactory prblems, as it enhances our sense of  smell, addresses asthma and breathing problems.   It certainly has done this for me.

We need nitric oxide to protect our heart and vascular system as it relaxes the smooth muscles in arteries and regulates blood pressure and clotting.    It is used in viagra, as it helps with penile erection.  It makes the arteries smooth like Teflon instead of sticky Velcro.

Our hearts beat dependably and heroically 100,000 times a day.   2000 gallons of blood is pumped throughout the body in 24 hours .
Every 20 seconds someone has a heart attack or stroke, more women than men, many without any warning.

Nitric oixide is very helpful when we are in a stressful situation, as it heals the smooth muscles walls of the endothelial cells in the arteries.  These cells have been damaged by sugar which scratched them. This creates plaque in the arteries.  Fats and fibrin further narrow the arteries. These scratches are then healed by cholesterol, which narrows the arteries.  Then we experience heart attack  stroke,  leading to  many physical complications, also Alzheimer’s at worst, brain fog at best.

But, God has provided a natural cure.    Nitric Oxide can open up these arteries within two weeks.  Nitric Oxide also pairs damaging free radicals.   It smoothes wrinkles, dilates airways, acts as a broncho dilator, opens the lungs, strengthens bones and builds the immune system.  It also clears brain fog, improves memory and learning.  It also strengthens white blood cells to prevent disease.   Nitric oxide also strengthens the red blood cells which in turn oxygenate the whole body.

I am delighted to offer you what I consider to be the best in the world.


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Accident to my son Giles

On Sunday 9th July my son was out on a boat in Jersey.   Like most young Jerseymen and women who have grown up on this tiny island, they are deeply into swimming and all kinds of watersports.

He was coming ashore to attend the Royal Jersey Golf Club championship as I had presented the Corbin Trophy for the Ladies Championship when I was Lady Captain in 1986 and 1987.   Every year I am asked to present my Trophy to the new winner which is great as I keep up with all the Golf Club friends.   So this was to be the 30th anniversary of the Trophy and Giles said he would come and join in the celebrations.

Because of tides, he took a lift on the back of a friend’s jet ski, instead of being driven back into harbour.  They were not going fast, in fact Giles was dressed in ordinary clothes and shoes as he was going to the presentation.

As they were making their way to the harbour, a speed boat which had already been reported for driving recklessly near swimmers, crashed straight into them.   The prow of the renegade boat exploding into the middle of the jet ski…  and my son’s left leg took the impact.   This was so great that his femur, patella, tibia and fibula were exploded and shattered.  Paint from the boat was found in Giles bones by the surgeons.   Giles and his friend were thrown into the air, and the driver decided to drive on and escape.   He left them in the sea, literally way out at Noirmont Point.   By the grace of God Giles was wearing a lifejacket.

Giles’ friend who himself had minor  injuries, realised Giles was badly hurt, the sea around him was turning red from blood and the white bone exposed..  He managed to rescue Giles and bring him nearer to shore where a friendly boat stopped and pulled Giles on board.   The manager of the Water Sports in St.Brelade’s Bay helped carry Giles on a board up from the water’s edge to the waiting ambulance.

Giles’ friend phoned me, and in ten minutes I was in Accident and Emergency where the police and Giles’ friend were standing by the stretcher.  The board beside Giles read “? amputation of lower limb”.

So I stood over him and prayed aloud that in Jesus mighty name he would be saved and his leg would also be saved.   The doctor in charge then said it was amazing that Giles could still move the toes of the injured leg, and that the femoral artery was still pumping blood.  He had transfusions, a tourniquet, and was then lifted in a tiny plane to Southampton Trauma Unit with a critical care doctor and nurse.  No room for passengers.

The next morning his girlfriend, best friend and I were on the Red Eye Special to Southampton.  Giles was under the care of the legendary Mr Simon Tulley head of the trauma unit Green Team for the south of England.   He had also called in the legendary Mr. Gavin McCoubry, who heads up the plastics unit at eight different hospitals..  I quietly told both of them that thousands of people would be praying for Giles because I teach the Christian TV and radio Get Well Stay Well programs.

Giles was in an eight bed trauma ward, reminiscent of my Red Cross nursing days.   After five days and three operations he was transferred to Salisbury Hospital, to a special unit who are experienced in saving limbs and tissues of the British military personnel who had suffered catastrophic injuries and loss of limbs in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He underwent yet another operation on arrival in Salisbury, and today Monday 17th July had the massive twelve hour operation to actually address the massive orthopaedic reconstruction and muscle and ligament reattachment, and the skin grafts to cover the deep holes in Giles left leg.   Please continue to pray that God will do the miracle of restoring functionality to Giles leg, so this can be a huge testimony.



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A-Z of my Get Well Stay Well Courses

A-Z of GWSW Courses


A for Avoiding and Addressing the Cause of Ageing, Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Digestive and Heart Disease, Stress, Armour of God

B for Breathing the Breath of Life, Bio Electrical Magnetic Medicine

C for Cell Communication, Colonics, Enemas and Implants. Chemtrails, CardioFlow, Curcumin

D for Detox, Dental health, Distillers, Dydydrators

E for Exercise, Environment

E for Electro Magnetic Radiation and Electro Magnetic Therapies

F for F Food Combining, Fitness while Travelling, Fertility

G for God’s Recipes, Gerson Therapy

H for Health Education, Hydration, Herxheimer Reaction, Hippocrates

I for Ionic Foot Baths, Inflammation

J for Juicing, Judaic heritage

K for clothes that are Killing us

L for Laser Therapy, Leucocytosis

M for Maintaining Perfect Weight, Minerals

N for Nutritional Combining

O for Oxygenating Therapy

P for Peaceful Sleep, pH balance, Patching Protocol, Probiotics, Pollution

Q for Quantum Healing

R for Regeneration, Regularity, Recipes

S for Skin, Supplements, Surviving Hospital, Smile, Stopping Snoring

T for Truth, Toxicity, The Tapestry

U for Understanding 80/20 Balance

V for Vitality, Victorious Living, Vitamins

W for Wheatgrass, Weight issues

X for X rays versus Thermography

Y for Youthfulness

Z for Zest for Abundant Life

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The Life Saving SOTA (State of the Art) Bob Beck Protocol


I bought this wonderful protocol many years ago and I know it has helped me survive and thrive!  Dr. Bob Beck was a US Navy nuclear physicist.  He developed cancer three times in the line of duty through his nuclear physics work.  He knew he could also heal himself, which he did three times, and survived to 96 cancer free.

That is the kind of testimony I like!   So I bought the whole protocol and you can too, now in UK.   I bought the magnetic pulser, the electrical pulser and the water ozonator which I use daily.  People on my Get Well Stay Well courses have the opportunity to try these machines as well. (more…)

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