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The program is designed for intelligent people who are aware of being overweight or under stress and want to detox to prevent disease, and also for those who are addressing disease and want to Get Well and Stay Well.

We live in a toxic, increasingly stressful world, with pollution in the air, water, soil, chemicals in our clothes, houses, offices, soft furnishings, and from all the electro-magnetic radiation around us from mobile phones, computers. Added to this, we are being bombarded with nuclear radiation emanating from Fukushima in Japan. Scientists say that the radiation from this will be 85 times worse than Chernobyl.

We need to know the best ways to protect ourselves and our families, to detox from these stressors, and find pure air, water, raw organic nutrition, exercise, sunshine, and rest.


Toxicity is not just unsightly fat on the surface, it leads to killer diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes and all the inflammatory diseases like arthritis, as organs and arteries also become fatty and clogged.

Cells then lose their electricity, hydration and oxygenation, and eventually die. When enough cells die, the organ dies. This is what happens when we eat the WRONG proteins, carbohydrates, fats and sugars. We need to feed our cells with the RIGHT ones!

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The Get Well Stay Well Course addresses the Biology and Regeneration of Cells, the Immune System, Understanding Digestion and Enzymes, Preparing a Nutritious Diet using juicers and dehydrators, How Cells Communicate, Importance of Hydration, How to Purify Drinking water, Maintaining Perfect Weight, Avoiding Landmines, Optimum Food Combining, Alkaline/Acid Balance, Eliminating Toxins, Leucocytosis, Handling Stress, Exercise and Rebounding, Meditation Techniques, Surviving Hospital, Infection Free Flying, Peaceful, Natural Sleep, Avoiding and  Addressing Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease,  Arthritis and Osteoporosis, Anxiety, Ageless Ageing, Detoxing Ionic Foot Baths, Laser Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Gorgeous Recipes for Life, Putting it All into Practice, Plant Derived Water Soluble Heavens Minerals and Vitamins, Water Ozonator, Magnetic Pulser, Electrical Pulser,  Essential Oils and Survival Medicine.

In addition to giving free advice on her weekly hour long TV programs on Revelation satellite TV, Felicity offers more intensive training in Jersey and Spain, where people can combine the three hour long evening classes Monday to Friday with a relaxing week’s holiday in the sunshine.       Apply to join one of the classes, which run usually the first Monday to Friday in each calendar month.    There is no automatic booking, as Felicity likes to bring together like minded people.   If you wish to join a week, please e mail information on the size of your group, and their health concerns, to

For the Get Well Course in Spain, fly into Malaga from your local airport, on a choice of airlines – British Airways, Iberia, FlyBe, Monarch, EasyJet, Norwegian Airlines, etc and stay at a choice of hotels near the Get Well Course.

The nearest is the La Cala Golf and Spa Resort,      phone 00 34 952 669 000   Book early, this hotel tends to be full all year.

If you want absolute luxury on the beach, El Oceano Hotel is the best on the coast, with lovely, refurbished hotel, restaurant and spa, but it is only open April to December each year. Phone 00 34 952 587 550 and ask for Glenn.

La Cala Grand Vik Hotel is right on the beach phone 902 160 630

Less expensively,  La Cala Mijas Hotel with pool, situated next to Lidl and the gypsy market (open Wednesdays and Saturdays.)   Book through   Many stay here and love it, returning year after year.


For Jersey Courses, fly British Airways, FlyBe, EasyJet, etc, for the 45 minute hop into the island or take the ferry across from UK.

The island is only 8×10 miles with the tide out, so everything is relatively close!   Choose the east of the island for proximity to the Get Well course.  Indulge yourself at the five star Longueville Manor with spa for luxury 01 534 725501,   or choose the friendly 3 star Beausite Hotel, Grouville, Jersey 01 534 857577,  or friendly Beachcombers Hotel 01 534 854381.  Most people stay at these hotels, but as the island is so small it really does not matter where you stay!   My flat is right on a bus route.

If you would like a personal travel agent to organise your flights and hotel accommodation for you, contact David Scott from Spear Travels. David has owned a travel agency for many years, knows the ropes, and has relocated to his home to spend more time helping people.  Give him a ring on 01 202 733449.   He may be able to organise great deals for you!

Join a small class, or do the Program designed One to One, Just for You.

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