Oasis of Hope Hospital, Mexico

Oasis of Hope Hospital, Mexico World authority on integrative cancer treatment with Immune boosting, Intravenous Laetrile Metabolic Therapy.


Felicity flew to Mexico on New Year’s Day 2008 to have a successful five year check and meet the legendary Dr. Francisco Contreras and the other doctors at the world famous state of the art, 50 bed Christian Cancer Hospital, the Oasis of Hope Hospital. They have unprecedented successful cancer statistics here. Patients come from all over the world, and include doctors, nurses and pharmacists who have decided to opt for immune boosting intravenous laetrile, the non toxic, inexpensive essence of the apricot seed, which kills cancer cells, but does not harm healthy cells.




Felicity with oncologist and author Dr. Francisco Contreras, Director of the Oasis of Hope Hospital, who directed her successful treatment in Jersey.

Francisco is son of the late Dr. Ernesto Contreras who started the hospital in 1963. They treat patients as friends, and heal them in body, mind and through the Holy Spirit. Dr. Contreras preaches at the Sunday morning service.




She spent a week in the hospital as a patient having t he necessary scans and tests and then ministering to patients

in the Hospital Chapel and in the dining room where patients and relatives meet to eat delicious fresh Genesis 1:29  and 30 food at breakfast, lunch and supper.

Hallelujah Acres, where Felicity is a Health Minister, teach the nutrition at the hospital, and have a suite of rooms on the fourth floor of the hospital.


Anyone wishing to have treatment at the hospital should contact Admissions. 00 52 664 631 6100.

It is best to fly to San Diego International Airport in California, where a driver from the Oasis of Hope meets patients from the airport with a comfortable mini-bus shown in this picture.

There is then a 35 minute drive to the Hospital through the border into Mexico. Because of USA immigration checks for illegal immigrants trying to enter the State

s, it takes longer to cross back into America; but sitting comfortably in the air conditioned bus with a protective, English speaking Mexican driver makes this easy.



The 50 bedrooms with telephone and TV are spacious and have private bathrooms. They are airy, with large picture windows, and immaculately clean. There is a hospital bed and also a large double bed in each room for the patient and a relative or friend.






Each patient is assigned an English speaking Mexican “Patient Representative” who helps with practical assistance, so even if you go alone as I did, you have one to one support.  At the end of 2010, Dr. Contreras opened a second hospital in California, telephone 001 949 581 4673.


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