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We all NEED to get a deep, peaceful sleep. This is vitally important as this is the time when the body rests and can start to HEAL. In these stressful times, many need help to sleep. We try to avoid sleeping pills which have very adverse side effects such as depression, brain fog and addiction.

I use QuBits to give me a restful night with NO side effects. I place a simple holographic sticker on my rght temple about an hour before I want to go to sleep.. This calms my brain down from the stress of the day, and watching computer, phone and TV screens.

Although the QuBit does not contain melatonin, it stimulates our own body to make its OWN melatonin. This hormone is also an anti oxidant, so boosts the immune system at the same time. Melantonin is also known to lift mood. so one wakes in a happier state of mind.

Safe, non addictive, these are my absolute first choice for a peaceful night’s sleep.
Remove the patch on waking in the morning, and if you have only been asleep for a few hours you can stick it on a mirror during the day and reapply the next night. This is because the sticker only works when in contact with the human body.

Some people find the patch works well on the left temple, which is the Triple Warmer 23 in meridian medicine. It can also be used between the eyebrows on the Governing Vessel 24.5 in meridian medicine. Simply experiment to see which position works best for you.

It is recommended use a fresh patch every night for three weeks in a row to get back into a good sleeping pattern. Then just use when you feel you need them.

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  • £19.99 per sheet of 12 Sleep QuBits
  • £69.99 for 4 sheets of 12 each (48 Qubits). So you are getting one sheet of 12 QuBits free!

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