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The Techno Energy Qubits increase our energy, flexibility, balance and muscle strength. Used simultaneously on both side of the body, they provide greater endurance and focus for athletes as well as those of us who need to regenerate our health after illness. An absolute breakthrough for so many of us.

How do they work? The brain and nervous system send electrical signals to the muscles to burn energy. This makes Adeno Tri Phosphate which fires our mitochondria. The QuBits create specific bo electrical information signals that increase energy and stamina by accelerating this process.

Place the patches on the energy meridians, or energy points on the body. You can experiment with the following positions to see what your body needs best.

For greater breathing energy, place on either side at the top of each lung, on the front of the shoulder where it meets the collar bone. This is known as “Lung One”

Alternatively, place the QuBits 3-4 finger widths from the crease on the palm side of the wrist. This is known as Pericardium 6 in meridian medicine.

Most of us respond really well to ST36 which is in the depression four finger widths below the knee cap and one finger width outside the bone.

Kidney 3 is the depression on the inside of the ankle, just below the ankle bone.

These locations have been used for millenia with huge success in Oriental medicine. They are absolutely safe, cause no adverse side effects, and in my experience give the body a huge energy boost. Try them!

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