The Life Saving SOTA (State of the Art) Bob Beck Protocol


I bought this wonderful protocol many years ago and I know it has helped me survive and thrive!  Dr. Bob Beck was a US Navy nuclear physicist.  He developed cancer three times in the line of duty through his nuclear physics work.  He knew he could also heal himself, which he did three times, and survived to 96 cancer free.

That is the kind of testimony I like!   So I bought the whole protocol and you can too, now in UK.   I bought the magnetic pulser, the electrical pulser and the water ozonator which I use daily.  People on my Get Well Stay Well courses have the opportunity to try these machines as well.

You can buy direct from phone 01 299 271836.  Quote FCWDISC1 for a discount.

Watch some clips of this great protocol.

If you are a member of Vimeo, you can also watch and

It is vital to distil our drinking water, and also ozonate it afterwards.   I know this is the purest, most oxygenated water on the planet.   Why drink anything else, if you want to prevent disease in your family?

The magnetic pulser is my “go to machine” in case of pain or injury.   It has seen me through pain from fractured discs to sprained ankles.  Testimonies from patients say it has shrink tumours.   I certainly use it on the scar of my old tumour to keep the area healthy.

The electrical pulsor is battery operated and worn on the upper arm, with the probes strapped to the ulnar and radial arteries on the wrist.  You wear the machine while living your life, shopping or cleaning the house, even watching TV for a couple of hours.  During which time it kills ALL pathogens circulating in the blood.  So colds, flu, TB, AIDS have been seen to literally disappear.    It also makes your own colloidal silver at home.

Of course the manufacturers cannot claim any of these good things, but as a health educator who uses the machines myself and for my family, I know these machines work.   I can say no more!

Have a look at the videos and make up your own mind.   You can buy direct from phone 01 299 271836.  Quote FCWDISC1 for a discount.

Read on for more information on using these exciting protocols.

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