The NEW Quantum Resonance Card

The card (which is the size of a credit card) is charged with 6000 strands of the CORRECT grounding energy.  When placed on the body (I wear mine next to my heart) this high technology GROUNDS us to the energy God intended us to live in from the time of creation. So it strengthens the immune system, and restores our cells in a new and ABSOLUTELY groundbreaking manner. I believe this is going to change the face of medicine.

Our bodies are 70% water, as you know.  So the card affects every one of our trillions of cells.   Also the lymph system and the quality of our blood which is also made up largely of water.  Therefore wear the card on the body near the heart.   I wear it 24/7 and it has transformed my health.   It is working for all kinds of disease, including the new auto immune diseases like MS, Parkinson’s, ME. CFS, etc, which I have always contended are caused by modern pollution in our water, food and AIR from the geo engineering and electro magnetic pollution from cell towers.

Another major way of also using the card is with WATER.   We cascade our drinking water over the card before drinking it.   We also put this cascaded water into the small spray bottle provided. We spray it on our faces, bodies, down the spine, down our fronts, our sleep and work area, to put ourselves in a grounded bubble.  Specialist doctors and nurses are very interested as they understand the potential for patients.   Pain can be relieved by applying the card  And it will accelerate healing.  None of this can be claimed for legal reasons, but as an individual who has given power trials I can only say it works for me.

We can also water our plants by holding the card next to the hose as we water.  Plants grow exponentially.  Mileage in the car goes 23-28% further when we hold the card near the petrol pump as we fill up, as it treats the water in the petrol.  Animals always choose to drink from the treated water instead of untreated water.   Nature knows instinctively what is correct.

Interestingly the card makes any food and beverage taste better.  Juices, smoothies, even coffee and alcoholic drinks taste fresher.   This is incredible technolody.  We tried this in a restaurant where people drinking ordinary wine were absolutely amazed as when we WAVED the card over their wine it became more delicious.   People were calling the wine waitors over to tell them!!   Opportunity here for restaurant owners!!

But seriously I love the card.   For instance my breathing problem (from partially collapsed lungs) STOPPED INSTANTLY FROM THE MOMENT I PUT IT ON MY BODY. I am so blessed that the facilitator of the card is a born again Christian and Revelation viewer and Eternal Radio listener from America. He flew over to Spain for two days only in July, SOLELY to bring me the technology as he wants this truth to help me and also the intelligent people who are listening to my programs. These people understand we ARE Fearfully and Wonderfully made by God (Psalm 139) and that when we revert to correct natural energy, we heal.

I absolutely believe that so much harm has been done to our immune systems through WiFi, our computers, routers and mobile phones. The card works, I believe, by putting us back on the grounded frequency.

I can train people on my courses and also on the phone consultations. I am holding a launch in Jersey on August 26th 2017 at Royal Jersey Golf Club, as this technology is obviously being pounced on by sportsmen and women as well as those with health issues. Animals absolutely lap up the water that is treated this way, food and all drinks taste better when sprayed with the structured water. .

Use the Paypal button on my website shop.   The cards will be shipped direct to you from UK. No guarantees of course but I can only promise you that this technology has REALLY helped me. Just as the unique do.

I only EVER advocate something that works for me.  I truly thank God for my card.

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